Gambling Chat Room

Our gambling chat room, hosted by Erik "Towels" Savage is a chilled out place for people who love to bet on and offline to hang out and chat about their betting strategies, favourite games and success stories. It's a great little community where members can get to know each other using their online handles without having to worry about revealing their identity or putting up with snarky comments and trolls on online forums. We're much more relaxed and friendly than most of the gambling community.

It's also great when members of the group meet up at popular gambling hot spots like Vegas and Amsterdam to hang out in real life, hit the tables, and (hopefully) sometimes secure some nice wins.

Anonymous Gambling Chat

Most of our online gambling chat room members value their anonymity which is why we allow you to use a handle of your choice and don't seek any personal information to take part in discussions. The chat is moderated to ensure that a generally positive and inclusive environment is fostered where you can enjoy chatting about gambling topics, be part of a gambling community online.

Gambling Addiction Chat Room

Responsible gaming is important. If you feel you've lost your way or can't stop gambling when you want to then talking it over and getting support from fellow players can be a powerful way to 'reset' and avoid hitting the tables when you don't want to. Share stories about tough losses, times you wished you'd quit and get advice from other players who are on a break or have managed to break the habit completely. Even players who haven't quit are almost always willing to talk to the group about their experiences and to support someone looking to leave the habit for good.

What To Expect In A Casino Chat Room

Players in an online gambling chat room will want to share tips, gambling strategies and ideas with like-minded players. As followers of "Towels" will know one of his key philosophies is depositing less, playing longer and maximising the fun from gambling so much of the group here will be interested in having a good time at casinos - both on and offline - without breaking the bank.

It's a community more than anything else but we have a lot of group activities - sharing each other's live streams, jumping on to watch and comment when we play, making videos showcasing our strategies at new and interesting games, and of course sharing our bad experiences and what sites to avoid at all costs. As a chat that values anonymity there's no judgement here, just fellow online gamblers looking to have a good time and get better at the games we love.