Your Favourite Casino Games, Instructed By Erik "Towels" Savage


I'm Erik Savage and I can't wait to walk you through many of the popular casino games on the latest and most stylish casino platforms, including those with Evolution's revolutionary live dealer set up in full HD.

While nobody will ever win in the long run due to the casino edge, I'll show you how you can maximise your time playing, enjoy the games more and even win sometimes with low variance, high fun strategies and approaches to most of the games you love.

My personal favourites are Baccarat, Craps, Roulette and Ultimate Texas Hold'em, especially if the live dealers are on point and a pleasure to play with!

We'll also check out some video poker and slots when we're running good and keep an eye out for that big win. On this site and my YouTube channel I'll always use the 'bankroll building' style - I don't believe in making big deposits and gambling hard and losing big balances often.

It's much more fun to start small, play with what you can afford (really afford not just barely survive if you spend it all - don't ever deposit that much - you can play for hours with tiny balances), and sometimes build up a really nice balance for that 'big shot' without having to deposit it all.



Favourite Games And Reviews

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